James hails from Dallas, Texas but moved to Hollywood to work in the budding film industry in Canada, Louisiana, and Georgia.

Arguably, James’ most notable performance was ‘Male Victor from District 5’ in the 2013 blockbuster ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’, or maybe the greasy Pawn Shop Owner smacked around by Ice Cube in the 2014 blockbuster ‘Ride Along’, or even the villainous but tragically mute Jorge Lara in the 2010 blockbus… um, indie darling ‘The Mechanic’ opposite Jason Statham.

James has made quite a dent in TV as well, being fresh off a recurring stint on ‘Justified’, playing Boyd’s not-so-bright bartender, Caleb. James also recently attempted to steal Kerry Washington’s purse on ABC’s ‘Scandal’, but was beaten senseless by Guillermo Diaz. And, once again, he attempted to ransack a women’s shelter on yet another episode of NCIS, but was again thwarted by Mark Harmon’s patented ‘HammerPunch’.

If you’re starting to see a pattern here, you could be onto something. James has made a nice little niche for himself as that hurtful jackass who steals someone’s purse, complains about it (ala the Caretaker on Scooby-Doo), and then gets beat up and/or rolled down a flight of stairs (see ‘Beverly Hills 90210’).

Luckily for James, the bitter purse snatcher shows up a lot in film and TV.

Written By: James Logan’s clone, Larry