I gave an interview to a great writer and huge soap opera fan (not to mention horror movies). give it a read, if you’re bored.

Last week on General Hospital, which airs at 2pm PST on Riverside’s KABC channel 7, Joey Bruschetta, Anthony Zacharra’s henchman and one of the kidnappers of Elizabeth and Maxie, took a fatal bullet from Johnny Zacharra, bringing an end to his reign of terror. Before his demise, however, he also took a surprising knockout punch from none other than Damian Spinelli.

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this is the pilot for ‘project: phoenix’. the series has been shot and is currently being prepared for what happens next. give a peep. it’s some of my favorite work.

Comedy short I directed starring Mikey Day, Kevin Kirkpatrick and Tim Brennen. Enjoy!

John Connor is the leader of the Resistance against the machines. A Terminator has been sent to protect him. A Terminator has also been sent to protect John’s friend Rick Jensen. But Rick’s Terminator leaves a little to be desired.